How it works
Our Commitment
How it works
Here at take two
we are committed to helping
your relationship thrive.
TAKE TWO aims to enhance your experience of love and relationships by giving you the opportunity to focus on the positives in your relationship.

Used regularly TAKE TWO can achieve positive change.

Great relationships start with you...
two minutes at a time.
Take Two began life back in 2014, when after a business trip to America, Annette Phillips bumped into Meredith Dickie and they shared their belief that small, positive changes of perspective can dramatically improve life and relationships.

Their friendship grew over a shared sense of humour, love of design and dedication to their relationships.

Their passion, commitment and relationship ideas turned into weekends working, laughing and drinking tea. Weekends turned into weeks, months and years. Geoff Hibble (IT Consultant), Cristina Londono (Art Director/Brand Specialist) and Adam Shaw (App Developer) quietly, creatively and determinedly came on board to hone the Take Two vision.

The ferris wheel was born, the quotes were lovingly collected and the app was created.

Change your thinking

Shift your perspective

Improve your relationship

Two minutes at a time.

We hope you’ll be the next part of their story.

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Here at TAKE TWO we are dedicated to sharing inspiration to shift your perspective, change your thinking and improve your relationship two minutes at a time.

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