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"The most fundamental finding from positive psychology is that strong personal relationships have the greatest impact on your satisfaction with life.”

~ Black Dog Institute Australia
Our story
Our mission is simple: we want to help create better relationships, two minutes at a time.

We know first hand the positive changes that occur in relationships when we take small moments to reflect on how, and why we love the way we do.

The greatest impact comes when this practice becomes a habit.

To help you on your journey, we have lovingly curated inspiration from thinkers, writers and ordinary people around the world.

The easy-to-use Take Two app will help you create positive, enduring change in your relationships.

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You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.
The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.
John C. Maxwell


This beautiful app is so inspiring to use and helps keep me in a positive frame of mind every day. The app is just so lovely to use. Inspiring, thoughtful and motivating - it just makes me happy to use it! The little quotes are the perfect antidote to a bad commute or giving you a gentle prompt to think about things differently. A super great compliment to my daily meditation practice. Loving it! - 5 stars"

BEATRICE CROCKER Author, Founder and Lead Coach for "I'm Ready Now!" Melbourne, Australia


Taking two minutes a day to look at my personalised quote has helped me boost my intention setting and positive vibes. Take Two for the iPhone gives me access to a source of healing and grounding, whenever I feel I need it.



Take Two sends reminders about how to nurture your marriage/partner. I've been married for 16 years and it takes care to keep a marriage alive and fresh. How great is a reminder to not to sit on your laurels and let the weeds grow.

JESSICA SUNSHINE CHRISTIAN Personal Branding Photographer Atlanta, USA


My favourite part of Take Two is the bit when you're waiting for your gift and it tells you to breathe, relax and prepare to shift your mindset xx

LAURA AND WIRAMU HEATH Director 3D Recruit Perth, Australia


This is the most beautiful app I have ever used.

ROBIN HIBBLE Creator of ULU App Cottesloe, Australia


Your app is amazing!!! I'm loving it! It brings me a lot of new lessons. Wonderful!

WIKTORIA FLOREK Abstract Painter Barcelona, Spain


Over the years I've done a lot of work on my emotional sobriety. When I discovered Take Two I added it to my morning program. I enjoy receiving my quote of the day which I set to arrive at the time that I'm doing my mindfulness in the morning. Even the way the small gift-wrapped box falls open in slow motion gives me the feeling of calm. As well as loving the daily quotes I also find the Science quotes beneficial. The empirical research backs up the true meaning of the quotes.

EILEEN VAN HELDEN Hair dresser Perth, Australia


This App is amazing, and I look forward to opening my reminder every morning to see a new gift of wisdom! It has been incredibly supportive in navigating a new relationship, and the timing is always perfect. Thank you for such a soulful, educational and poetic app.

SHERRON BURNSArtist Fremantle, Australia


I love the app for it's design and wonderful quotes. I like that the quotes are delivered as a gift and that it make me take a quick pause in my day. This app is filled with joy.

ANICK LABOROSSE Entrepreneur Brand Culture Designer. Montreal, Quebec


Oh my goodness Annette - I LOVE what you're doing! That is so great!

SHARON POPE Master Life Coach International Best-Selling Author & Speaker Specialising in Marriage and Relationships USA


I have been able to steal a moment or two from my busy day whilst reading my daily quote to Breathe, Relax and Prepare to Shift my thinking and the quotes and wisdom from which they have been derived are both surprising and unique. TakeTwoApp presents a new perspective, a little tranquility in your day and real inspiration in ways to approach your relationship

TINA WEBB Customer Service Qantas Hamilton Island, Australia

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